Joie Tea Is Here!!!

I began cultivating something special in 2021! That something- deeply personal to my heart and spirit, has taken me on a creative journey am incredibly proud of. That something was an idea I had always had.
It was a voice that was ever present in my thoughts.
Little by little, I’d work at this very special something to bring the idea to fruition. 
This special something blossomed into Joie Tea Company (Joie Tea)!
Our communitea is officially OPEN for WELLNESS and JOIE. The magic and benefits of tea and herbs are extraordinary!!!
Sourcing some of the finest and most exquisite teas from remote regions in the world Joie Tea is vibrant and invigorating.
Intentionally selecting each tea for Joie Tea’s launch; my hope is that you’ll find wellness, peace and all things good as you cultivate a tea drinking ritual rooted in self preservation and self love.

With gratitude and deep appreciation, I invite you to join us on the journey to ultimate Joie. We are just getting started!
You can support us by: 
-Shopping the Tea Shop
-Telling a friend about us
-Following us on IG 
-Dropping us a line or two with well wishes
Thanks for supporting!
Sip Joiefully, Sam

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  • I had my first cup of Lemon Ginger. It’s very tasty, refreshing, also calming. I am sipping Joie, joyfully.

    Mom on

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