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Match Love!
In a world with so much noise, it's an act of self-love to leave the noise for greater peace.
The pursuit of peace is kindness to one-self which benefits the universe.
I am not speaking of the performative or superficial stuff.
I am speaking of:
Peeling back the layers to reach your soul and deepest thoughts and desires
Cultivating peace through vibrational energy 
Doing the work with your support system to release trauma, pain, resentment, anxiety, low vibrational energies
Daring to bet on you and drowning out the very loud voices of fear and rejection
Treating yourself Joiefully, always, as you journey on to claim and protect your peace!
My harmony and peace chest looks like:
Matcha!! Latte or tea, because why not?
All things tea! Lemon ginger is on replay almost every morning 
Skincare! My twice daily regimens are lengthy but I LOVE these deeply personal moments
Books! Currently reading Don't Settle for Safe- Sarah Jakes
Writing! I just got a custom journal with vibrant colors and beautiful tigers
Coloring! #Newcoloringbookalert I love colors and this allows me to daydream or zone out
Music! Uhm, I am a musical nomad.
Kindness! I honor this value every chance I get!
LB- my therapist! Our partnership is awesome and she's stuck with me!
Oh and BOUNDARIES- It's a work in progress for me...but am making strides!
Here's a friendly reminder: be gentle with yourself! Take care of your mental and live Joiefully, always! 
You can drink with us!

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